01.01.2019 Daria
Had heard about how pretty everything is decorated on the streets, on Christmas fairs in Moscow. After a long search, the choice fell on this hotel. Arriving at the hotel, we quickly settled in and invited to the bar for a welcome cocktail with snacks, was very nice. All the staff were very welcoming. The Christmas holidays have been wonderful!
29.12.2018 Timothy
Thanks for a great stay! Stayed in room 6 times, this time I saw the updates! New kovralin, very much, the room became more intimate.
09.12.2018 Maria
I want to share with all pleasant impressions from the Christmas holidays. The hotel does not chose a long time, like in the center of Moscow, because this year was planned to be an unforgettable decoration and lighting of the town centre. I read a couple of reviews about the hotel Kuznetskiy Inn, although don't like to trust reviews . How many people-so many opinions))))) the Hotel is so cozy, small, not worn)))) it is clear that the entire staff cares about cleanliness and comfort. The rooms are very, I tell you, pure. Linen white home. The beds are comfortable, slept every day from the heart. Upon check in we were offered to go to the bar for a welcome from the staff. This is so cool! Feel the atmosphere of the upcoming holiday! The hotel is beautifully decorated, the smell of Christmas trees, the music plays, our child was delighted! And when at the bar were treated to mulled wine with champagne, and treated to snacks and canapés from the chef, we were pleasantly surprised. I would recommend to visit this small hotel in the center.