07.12.2018 Rimma
A huge thank you to the chef and girls waiters. The food is just wonderful! All freshly prepared and tasty. Attendance on the level!!! Well done! Keep it up! Will definitely stay there next time. PS it is Possible to additionally reward the employees of the cafe. Thank you!!!
06.11.2018 Sergey
Great location, close access to historic sites! Our room was and toothbrushes together with toothpaste for everyone,not any cafes and music didn't bother us, although we were on Friday and Saturday! We were the wife in many countries, the Breakfast was very good corresponds to the hotel, or you used to get drunk on light, as in Turkey? The working Elevator up to the third floor!The staff was great!We will definitely stay at this hotel! THANK you!
06.10.2018 Oleg
Well. Managers and staff keep the hotel at a good level, freshly renovated, clean and comfortable. The center of the city. The Breakfast itself is quite normal, someone says that they are scarce, so my advice to you, if you want a varied Breakfast, it is only in big hotels, where thousands of tourists with all the ensuing consequences. In small hotels it is not possible to do a lot of different food, she stupidly goes in the trash.” on the ground floor bar-club for up to two hours a night playing music, but not loudly, fell asleep fine.